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Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh is Mars, PA’s dependable garage renovation company, offering garage floor coatings, garage storage solutions and garage accessories. The professionals here at Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh work efficiently and they’re committed to achieving excellence in your installation experience. They care about your home and they’ll make sure your garage is the best it can be.

Let Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh handle your garage renovation! Contact us today at 1-844-756-0559 or complete the form online to schedule your free garage renovation estimate. We are proud to serve Mars, PA and beyond.

Are you wondering what services we offer in Mars?

We address the parts of your garage that you use the most. Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh wants to make a big impact in your garage and in your life. That’s why we specialize in garage storage, floor coatings and accessories. Read on to understand more about our professional garage renovation options!

  • Garage Flooring: We offer a Polyaspartic Floor Coating system that looks and performs like granite but won’t break the bank!
  • Garage Storage: Our storage solutions will stand the test of time and look amazing too.
  • Garage Accessories: Our slatwall sets, track system and other accessories will bump up storage and flexibility in your garage.

Epoxy Floor Coating Alternative in Mars

Flooring is a crucial element of the function and design in any part of your home, including your garage. Your garage floor needs to stand up to tires, dirty shoes, pets, tools and sports equipment among other things. That’s why it’s crucial to select a garage floor coating that can hold up to these intense conditions. Our Polyaspartic Floor Coating Solution is tough and cures fully in about 24 hours. It also comes in several unique colors! Check out some of the other benefits of this industry-leading system:

  • Higher quality
  • Durability
  • UV Resistant
  • Quick-curing
  • Non-peeling
  • 100% polyaspartic

Take the quality of your garage floor up a notch with Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh. Give us a call at 1-844-756-0559 or fill out the form below to schedule your free garage floor coating estimate in Mars, PA.

Garage Storage Solution Professionals Serving Mars

Does your garage look cluttered and drab? Need a hand? Wondering where you’re going to store all this junk? Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh is here to help! Our industry-leading storage solutions are flexible and durable. Everything in your garage deserves its own space. You no longer have to worry about your garage feeling like a junk drawer with solutions like overhead storage, slatwall and accessories.

Partner with Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh to completely transform your garage into a functional and beautiful space that makes your whole neighborhood jealous. Contact us today at 1-844-756-0559 or just click below to schedule your free garage storage installation estimate in and around Mars, PA.

Job Stories From Mars, PA
Polyaspartic Floors And Garage Lighting In Mars, PA

Luke and his wife were excited to upgrade the look of their garage in Mars, PA. After speaking with our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh, they were excited for our crew to start. We installed their Cookies & Cream polyaspartic floors and overhead lighting, leaving them with a durable, easy-to-clean, well-lit garage. Schedule your free consultation!

Butter Pecan Polyaspartic Floors In Mars, PA

Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh specializes in flooring solutions that bring life back to your garage. Jeff consulted with our Garage Gurus to design the garage he had longed for in Mars, PA. We installed a durable polyaspartic flooring system in the color Butter Pecan. Schedule a free consultation with us today and discover all the possibilities for your garage!

Marshmallow Cream Polyaspartic Coating In Mars, PA

Jonathan's garage floors were stained from years of heavy traffic in Mars, PA. So he contacted Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh to view our line of polyaspartic flooring solutions. We offer eight color options and installed Jonathan's flooring in our exclusive color, Marshmallow Cream. Discover all eight possibilities by scheduling a free consultation!

Garage Floors Looking Brand New In Mars, PA

Homeowners in Mars, PA wanted to upgrade their garage floors. They contacted our Garage Gurus to see our top-of-the-line flooring solutions. After viewing all eight color choices, they decided on a handsome neutral Chocolate Chip. We installed their new 100% polyaspartic flooring to keep their garage floors looking brand new for years to come. Schedule a free consultation today!


Storage Solutions In Mars, PA

Robert wanted to change his garage to make it more appealing in Mars, PA. Our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh were the perfect match to help him create an ideal space. We installed overhead storage to lift his household things off his new 100% polyaspartic floors. Discover all the benefits of our storage and flooring solutions by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation today!

Improve Your Garage Cleanliness In Mars, PA

Kristy contacted Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh because she wanted to improve her garage's look and cleanliness. She was impressed with the durability of our flooring solution. Our Dream Team coated her garage floors with a beautiful Marshmallow Cream polyaspartic. She didn't have to worry about stains now that her new floors were easy to keep clean! Contact us today and schedule a free consultation! 

Warranty Protected Garage Flooring In Mars, PA

Micheal wants to protect his garage floor from damage and the elements. His family also likes to host parties in the summertime and wants flooring that can handle anything! Our Dream Team installed a Chocolate Chip polyaspartic floor coating that's strong enough to take on anything and comes warranty-protected! Scheudle your free estimate today! 

Clean And Organized Garage In Mars, PA

Homeowners in Mars, PA wanted to protect their concrete floors and create a cleaner and more beneficial space for their home. Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh strives to help every homeowner maintain a clean and organized garage space. Our Dream Team installed a durable polyaspartic garage floor coating that's easy to clean! Contact us today and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation! 

Polyaspartic Flooring Solution In Mars, PA

A great family in Mars, PA saw our products during The Pittsburgh Home And Garden Show. They were looking for a garage floor that would last them a lifetime. Our Garage Gurus put their worries to rest and presented them with our warranty-protected polyaspartic floors. Learn about all the benefits by scheduling a free estimate today! 

Garage Floor Coating in Mars, PA

This homeowner saw our product at the Home & Garden show in Pittsburgh and fell in love with the polyaspartic floor coating! This family is avid outdoor enthusiasts so they have all the fun toys - including ATV's and bikes. So they need a lot of protection on their garage floor. They called us out to install the floor and we came out and did the job in one day!

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