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Garage storage options for any home and budget — yes, even yours!

Customizable Garage Storage Solutions in Cranberry Township, Mars & Nearby

Garage Cabinets, Shelving & Storage Options for Any Home

Garage Storage Cabinet

Elevate your home with versatile garage cabinets and storage solutions from Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh.

The garage is a multipurpose place, serving as an entryway, a workspace, a storage area or sometimes all three. With all this foot traffic, the garage often becomes a resting spot for seasonal decorations, old toys or other clutter that gets scattered all over. So how do you keep your stuff out of sight but still right where you need it? The solution: a customizable garage storage solution from Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh. We provide durable garage cabinets, shelving, drop zones, workbenches and overhead storage tailored to fit any garage and budget — yes, even yours!

Let Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh help transform your garage from your home's junk drawer to its true front door with ultra-durable, heavy-duty welded-steel garage storage solutions built to stand the test of time. Call us to get a free estimate today. We proudly serve Pennsylvania areas throughout Cranberry Township, Wexford, Gibsonia, and nearby.

Professional garage storage units

You and your neighbors' homes aren't the same. So why should your garage storage options be? Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh provides customizable garage storage solutions on your terms and budget. Anything from garage cabinets and shelving to drop zones, overhead storage and workbenches — if you want it, you got it!

  • Commercial-grade strength

    Garage cabinets and shelving hold up to 300 lbs. (per shelf!) of evenly distributed weight. Overhead storage holds up to 500 lbs!

  • Stands the Test of Time

    Heavy-duty welded-steel construction to prevent sagging or denting

  • Customized on Your Terms

    Variety of storage solutions to suit your needs

  • Easy

    Reach every part of your cabinet with easy-access doors that feature soft-close hinges.

  • Sleek & durable

    Powder-coated gunmetal finish to add extra protection and charm

  • Comes With a Lifetime Warranty

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Garage Storage Solutions to Match Any Garage & Budget

When it comes to creating the perfect garage storage solution, no one does it better than Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh. Sure, you could do it yourself. But installing the welded steel frames, heavy-duty garage cabinets and bulky shelving can be a real pain. Our Dream Team takes out all the guesswork and does the heavy lifting for you, creating the perfect garage organization solution on your terms and budget. So sit back and relax — we got this!

Garage Workbench

Garage Workbench

Whether you're into woodworking, scrapbooking or any other hobby or activity, you're going to need somewhere to get down to business. The workbench puts everything you need conveniently within reach. The pegboard backing is perfect for organizing tools and other items, and you can add shelving underneath for additional storage. You can even upgrade to a solid butcher-block work surface — how cool is that!

What's included with the Hello Garage Workbench?

Hello Garage Workbench
Garage Workbench with upgrades
  • Heavy-duty Frame. Essential structural components support the entire system. Made from industrial-strength welded steel.
  • Spacious, Durable Work Surface. Large worktop gives you plenty of space to do your stuff, plus it's sealed to resist spills.
  • Pegboard Backing. Made from sealed hardboard.
  • Adjustable. Designed to meet ADA requirements, can be mounted at any height.
  • Increased Space. 8 ft. frame holds more of your things.
  • Additional Shelving. Add 16", 22" or 25" shelves.
  • Butcher Block Work Surface. Made from solid wood.
  • Accessories. Organize your space with Hello Garage baskets, bins and hooks.
Garage Shelving

Garage Shelving

Our heavy-duty shelving units form the backbone of our cabinets, but they also offer a cool, minimalist standalone solution. Commercial-grade steel holds even the heaviest loads and is available in three depths to match your storage needs and desired layout. From storage tubs filled with soccer gear to workshop tools and gym equipment, our shelves can handle it all and are built to last!

What's included with Hello Garage Shelving?

Hello Garage Shelving
Garage Shelving with upgrades
  • Two 6' Uprights. Made from powder-coated heavy-duty steel these serve as the backbone of the system and feature adjustable feet for uneven garage floors.
  • Two Upright Spanners. These attach the frame to the wall, so everything stays in place.
  • Three Shelves. Choose between three different depths: 16", 22" or 25".
  • Increased Height. 8' option for taller garages and more room.
  • End Trim. Powder-coated gunmetal gives a finished look to the shelves.
  • Accessory Basket. Full-length 4' x 16" basket is ideal for oddly shaped items

Garage Drop Zone

Garage Drop Zone

How do you prevent your family from tracking outside messes inside your home? The solution is simple! With the drop zone, your family can sit down, take off their muddy boots and wet rain gear and store it all within reach for the next time they're needed. Trust us — once you have a drop zone, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

What's included with our Drop Zone?

Garage Drop Zone standard
Garage Drop Zone with upgrades
  • Two 6' Uprights. Made from powder-coated heavy-duty steel these serve as the backbone of the system and feature adjustable feet for uneven garage floors.
  • Two Upright Spanners. These attach the frame to the wall, so everything stays in place.
  • Two 22" Deep Shelves. Each holds up to 300 lbs. evenly distributed. The bottom serves as a sturdy bench.
  • Backboard. Made from 1/4" thick hardboard and painted charcoal.
  • Crossbars. One top, one bottom to hold the backboard in place.
  • Four Hooks. Each is 4" long and can be arranged to hold hats, coats, bags, etc.
  • Increased Height. 8' option for taller garages and more room.
  • End Trim. Powder-coated gunmetal gives a finished look to the drop zone
  • Butcher Block Bench. Made from solid wood and finished with mineral oil.
  • Additional Shelving. Depths of 16" and 25" are available.
  • Additional Hooks. When four just isn't enough!

Garage Cabinets

Garage Cabinets

Prone to collecting clutter in the garage? A set of sweet-looking garage cabinets can make any space look buttoned up and tidy. By adding steel backs, sides and tops to our industrial-strength shelving units, we create sleek, durable garage cabinets that can keep virtually any space organized. Swing-out doors with soft-close hinges complete the look and help keep your stuff within reach and out of sight.

Before & After Spotlight

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Hello Garage cabinets give you the perfect way to organize your garage, keeping everything you need handy... but out of sight.

What makes our garage cabinets unique?

Garage Cabinets

We offer our Pennsylvania customers unique garage storage solutions that are exclusively available at Hello Garage. Our products are designed to fit your space and specific needs. We start with 4 ft. by 4 ft. cabinets and offer upgrade options for even more storage.

Cabinets can be stacked, side by side or paired with other Hello Garage storage solutions for a totally tailored space. Our Dream Team takes it to the next level, installing everything for you from the strong, commercial-grade steel frame, to the very last shelf.

Garage Cabinet Features

  • Swing-Out Doors: Allows unrestricted access to cabinet interior
  • Solid-Wood Construction: Heavy-duty ¾" thick wood doors are protected by a melamine exterior
  • Heavy-Duty Frame: Built with commercial-grade, welded steel to withstand heavy objects
  • Shelves: Includes 3 durable 22 in. shelves that hold up to 300 lbs. each of evenly distributed weight, 800 lbs. total per cabinet

Hello Garage cabinets will keep all your tools and equipment organized while maintaining a clean look for your space. Open up the possibilities for your garage with a new garage cabinet system and never feel embarrassed about your garage again!

Garage Overhead Storage

Overhead Storage

One of the best ways to get large, oddly shaped items off the garage floor is to organize them using the overhead storage unit. These things are built tough and crazy-strong, so they can hold a lot. You'll be amazed at just how spacious your garage can feel once its floor is cleared of all the stuff that's accumulated over the years!

How Hello Garage Overhead Storage Works

How Our Overhead Garage Storage Works

With a lightweight but industrial-strength construction, our Overhead Garage Storage units are capable of keeping a lot of heavy, bulky items off your garage floor. As with many of Hello Garage of North Pittsburgh’s garage storage solutions, our overhead garage storage units are customizable to suit your space. They feature an adjustable design that can be raised or lowered to accommodate varying ceiling heights and storage needs. You can even add an additional unit or two to increase your garage storage options!

Garage Cabinets

Floating Shelves

Our floating garage shelf saves the day when you only need to store a few items up and out of the way or simply don't have room for an entire shelving unit. Constructed with heavy-duty, industrial-strength welded steel, these sleek and sturdy floating shelves can hold up to 100 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. The configurable design means you can install one shelf, two or more wherever and however you need.

Why Choose Our Garage Floating Shelf

Strong icon


Shelves hold up to 100 lbs. each, evenly distributed

Heavy-duty steel overhead storage


Industrial-strength welded-steel, powder-coated for rust resistance

Configurable icon


Thanks to their small footprint, floating shelves can be mounted wherever you need them

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Get more out of your garage with storage solutions built for any space and budget — yes, even yours! We proudly serve Pennsylvania areas throughout Wexford, Mars, Cranberry Township, Sewickley, Gibsonia, Zelienople, Coraopolis, Bradford Woods, Franklin Park, Marshall Township and nearby. Give us a call to get a free estimate today!

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